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Full Service Leasing

Here at Beaver Leasing and Rentals, we offer Full Service Leasing for any Hino or Volvo solution you may be looking for, to suit your transport needs!

Truck Leasing Solutions

At Beaver Leasing and Rentals our priority is finding solutions that meet your business needs and keep you on the road. There are many options and approaches to leasing arrangements – we can help you navigate all the business considerations and build a custom lease program to meet your needs and give you peace of mind.



Count on our Volvo Trucks full service leasing programs to maximize your fleet’s potential without consuming valuable cash – or relying on traditional lines of credit – which can be devoted to other parts of your business. Some of the benefits of a full service lease include:


  • Administrative relief for your company, let us handle the breakdowns and maintenance scheduling.
  • Improved uptime. We’ll provide a replacement unit in the event of a breakdown over 24 hours.
  • Shorter wait times for services being done in our dealership.
  • Factory trained technicians doing the work.
  • Predictable monthly expenses. We cover the maintenance, so there’s no surprise expenses (services, breakdowns, tires*, etc.), freeing up revenue that can be used elsewhere.
  • Run newer equipment, we keep our fleet younger than 5 years old.



By signing up for a Full Service Lease with Beaver Leasing and Rentals, we’ll take on the unexpected costs of operating a vehicle. Services covered with a Full Service Lease include:


  • Complete services including oil and grease jobs
  • Washes (done at time of service)
  • Repairs done in house by our factory-trained technicians
  • OEM parts from our extensive inventory
  • Annual safety inspections
  • Complete tire management
  • 24/7 emergency road service (Volvo Action)
  • Replacement unit if leased unit is down for repairs for more than 24 hours*


Not sure about leasing?

If you’ve considered the idea of leasing but aren’t sure if it is the best decision for your business, here are a few questions to consider:


  1. Would off-balance-sheet accounting through a full-service lease improve your financials and ability to borrow money for growth?
  2. Can the equity tied up in trucks and equipment be better used for other projects?
  3. What is your core business? If your core business isn’t transportation, but you need to get your product to the market, give us a call.
  4. Do you have a qualified salespeople to sell your equipment at the end of its life cycle, and will you get what its worth?
  5. What is the cost of your time for managing fleet maintenance operations?
  6. What is the cost of your working capital tied up in building, shop equipment and parts inventory?
  7. Is your shop fully utilized and do you still send work out?
  8. Are your technicians trained, and able to keep up with changing technology?
  9. Is your shop tooling and equipment keeping pace with the advanced technology, and emission level requirements found on today’s trucks?
  10. Does your shop meet current and future federal, provincial, local regulations and environmental standards?


With our years of experience in rental and leasing of equipment, we have a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of leasing versus buying, and of course, vice-versa. We would be happy to look at all the considerations with you to see how leasing can benefit your business structure.


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