Volvo Uptime Certified Truck Repairs & Services

Need service? We’ll have you back on the road quickly and safely.

Our Service team at Beaver Truck Centre understands the critical nature of downtime in your business. We pride ourselves on being fast and efficient while being thorough and accurate.

With 23 bays to maximize the number of vehicles, we can work on, 38 technicians, 13 of which are Volvo certified master technician’s with over 200 years combined experience in our industry, no one is better positioned to keep you on the road


Call our Service department direct 204-632-9121

Business Hours:

6:00am – 12:30am Monday to Friday
Weekends 7:00am – 5:30pm

Toll Free: 1-800-38VOLVO
Volvo Action Service: 1 800-528-6586

For general inquires:

Service Department Contacts:

Howard Holigroski - Service Manager - Email:
Chris Ingram - Shop Foreman - Email:
Michelle Auger- Warranty Administrator - Email:
Erica Schick - Service Invoicing - Email:
Carrie Ploschak - Warranty - Email -
Gary Weidemann - Service Advisor - Email:
Kris Southall - Weekend Service Advisor - Email:
Steve Barrett - Service Advisor - Email:
Karen Molina - Service Advisor - Email:
Michael Momah - Service Advisor - Email: 
Quinn Bergen - Service Advisor - Email:
You know better than anyone that every second of uptime equates to increased revenue, productivity, and opportunities. That’s why you need a transport solutions partner that offers innovative ideas to keep trucks on the road and money in your pocket.
Volvo Trucks Uptime Services is a unique suite of products and services designed to give you unprecedented control over fleet operations. Maximize uptime, increase maintenance efficiency, and protect your trucks with protection plans customized to your needs. Nothing can slow your business down when you know the road ahead.

Volvo Action Service – 1-800-528-6586  (1-800-52VOLVO)

Volvo Action Service offers 24/7 assistance anywhere in Canada and the United States. Just a phone call connects you to a member of our highly trained uptime experts, who can quickly manage service, schedule repairs, and tackle any other issue that happens on the road