Volvo / Hino Truck Rental Winnipeg

Sometimes, stuff happens. Sometimes the stuff is good – business picks up and you need extra wheels on the road for a week or even for a couple of months; sometimes the stuff is not so good – you’ve got a truck down and a load to move and you need it right now.

Whatever the circumstances, Beaver Leasing and Rentals has a solution to meet your needs. We have daily, weekly, monthly and long term rentals available. Whether you know today you’ll need it in three months or if you’ve just found out you need it this afternoon – we’ll take care of you.

Our rental staff have extensive experience in truck rentals – if you aren’t sure what you need, they can help you figure it out, contact us today!

Short Term Rentals

  • Volvo Truck Rentals for a day, a week or a month or however long it turns out you need to. You don’t have to know for certain how long you will need the truck and you don’t have to make a long term commitment – you can have access to the rented vehicle for as long as you need it and you won’t have to tie up your capital over the long term.
  • Volvo & Hino Trucks you can count on and that will represent you well. Our rental fleet is well maintained , clean and made up of current model Volvo and Hino trucks.
  • Rental options to best suit your needs. Our Volvo Truck rental fleet ranges from 3 ton with 18′ van body, straight trucks with 24′ van bodies, day cabs and double or single bunk sleeper units. We currently have an excellent selection of Hino Trucks with 18′ & 24′ Foot Van bodies and Volvo VN670 Sleeper models available.
  • Convenience when the truck you own is being serviced. One stop shop – if your truck is down and in our shop, walk over to rent a truck so you can deliver your load.
  • Guaranteed reservations. We will take your booking and the truck will be here when you need it.
  • No added repair costs, (excluding road hazard). Our rental fleet is well maintained because you depend on it. In the rare instance that something comes up, you don’t have to worry about it – we’ll take care of everything.

   Contact us: 204-632-9100

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